Shashbuvad Fort

The Pamir Highway

This 8th-century Shashbuvad Fort is easily missed as it resembles an unfinished local house but it makes a necessary leg-stretch on this long and rough leg of the journey.

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1. Peak Vista

4.68 MILES

As the road doubles back beside a small mountain stream there are brief but impressive glimpses of two iconic peaks. At over 6000m a piece, Engels (6510m)…

2. Durum-Kul Viewpoint

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In the village of Sezhd (Km71), a tough, easily missed 4WD track spirals up and over a dusty ridge finally petering out after 6km in the green, very…

3. Canyon Viewpoint

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This impressive canyon can be glimpsed from the roadside but it's best getting out of the vehicle to appreciate it properly. A 30-second walk from the…

4. Jelondy Hot Springs

23.04 MILES

These springs lie alongside the Pamir Hwy in Jelondy. A Soviet-era hotel offers basic accommodation and a spa of sorts.

5. Buddhist Stupa

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Close to Yamchun, on an obvious salt-bleached patch of mountainside directly behind the hamlet of Vrang (Вранг), is a five-level stone monument claimed to…

6. Wakhan House Museum

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Some 500m off the main road in Yamg (Ямг) is the reconstructed house museum of Sufi mystic, astronomer and musician Mubarak Kadam Wakhani (1843–1903). One…

7. Red Fort

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The minimal ruins of this old 'red fort' has lent its name to the valley's main town. The town has a small bazaar and a fine location at the base of a…

8. Yamchun Fort

26.06 MILES

This 12th-century fort is the most impressive of the Wakhan Valley's many tumbledown castle ruins, complete with multiple walls and round watchtowers. The…