Shoh Kambari Oftab Mazar


By the bridge, across the main road from the village jamoat khana (prayer house; easily recognisable by its colourful murals decorating the window frames), this meticulously maintained shrine-garden is decorated with collections of ram horns and shaded by ancient trees. Commemorating the man credited with bringing Ismailism to Langar, this site is walled and clearly revered lending a strong sense of presence to the place.

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1. Langar Petroglyphs

0.27 MILES

Rock faces on the steep slopes above Langar are inscribed with over 6000 ancient petroglyphs. Climbing to see them is hard work in the high altitude and…

2. Ratm Ruins

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Around 10km from Langar, on a promontory fortified for at least 2300 years, these minimal castle ruins are signposted off the main Wakhan road. A path of…

3. Abrashim Qala

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At Zong, 5km west of Langar, this fortress was built to guard a branch of the Silk Road from Chinese and Afghan invaders. The fortress ruins, while not…

4. Qala-e Panja

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5. Buddhist Stupa

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Some 500m off the main road in Yamg (Ямг) is the reconstructed house museum of Sufi mystic, astronomer and musician Mubarak Kadam Wakhani (1843–1903). One…

7. Yamchun Fort

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8. Peak Vista

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As the road doubles back beside a small mountain stream there are brief but impressive glimpses of two iconic peaks. At over 6000m a piece, Engels (6510m)…