Koi-Tezek Pass

The Pamir Highway

The potholed Koi-Tezek Pass (4272m) leads into lunar-like, high-altitude desert scenery to the east, framed by a series of snowy if relatively unremarkable peaks.

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1. Jelondy Hot Springs

11.52 MILES

These springs lie alongside the Pamir Hwy in Jelondy. A Soviet-era hotel offers basic accommodation and a spa of sorts.

2. Hargush Pass

18.27 MILES

The road from the Wakhan Valley rejoins the Pamir Hwy via the beautiful Hargus Pass. At 4344m and the highest of the three passes around Alichur, it is…

3. Yashil-Kul

19.79 MILES

Much bigger but arguably less photogenic than neighbouring Balun-Kul, 3734m Yashil-Kul (Яшилькуль) means 'green lake'. This is surprising because it is in…

4. Balun-Kul

19.93 MILES

Mirrorlike lake Bulun-Kul (3737m) looks magnificent in the morning light, reflecting the mineral streaks of a low, multicoloured ridge opposite. The water…

5. Peak Vista

23.64 MILES

As the road doubles back beside a small mountain stream there are brief but impressive glimpses of two iconic peaks. At over 6000m a piece, Engels (6510m)…

6. Shashbuvad Fort

28.23 MILES

This 8th-century Shashbuvad Fort is easily missed as it resembles an unfinished local house but it makes a necessary leg-stretch on this long and rough…

7. Ratm Ruins

28.64 MILES

Around 10km from Langar, on a promontory fortified for at least 2300 years, these minimal castle ruins are signposted off the main Wakhan road. A path of…

8. Langar Petroglyphs

29.97 MILES

Rock faces on the steep slopes above Langar are inscribed with over 6000 ancient petroglyphs. Climbing to see them is hard work in the high altitude and…