Taroko National Park

Nearing completion at the time of research, a breathtaking new suspension footbridge at Bulowan will soon cross the gorge, dizzyingly high above the river, for a dazzling new range of views. Bulowan itself is a twin-level shelf of almost flat land high above the main valley where a Truku mountain village once stood. Two exhibition halls tell some of that village's dramatic history; there is a great little nature walk with English explanations, and on the upper level is an upper-market cabin hotel run by Truku and celebrating their culture.

Bulowan is accessed by 1.7km of hairpins starting at Km179. Many but not all Taroko buses detour here en route to and from Tianxiang.

Lonely Planet's must-see attractions

Nearby Taroko National Park attractions

1. Swallow Grotto


This half-kilometre slice of gorge-side old road twists and turns between rock-cut pillars and minitunnels, reminding visitors of how the Taroko route…

2. Taroko Gorge

1.85 MILES

This 18km marble-walled gorge is Taroko National Park's crown jewel. It's a must-see attraction whether you're hiking its trails, peering at its…

3. Eternal Spring Shrine

2.11 MILES

Picturesque for its setting, backed by toweringly steep mountainsides, this small shrine sits above a gushing spring that pours out onto the rocks below,…

4. Xibao Viewpoint

5.75 MILES

Driving beyond Tianxiang, the zigzagging road climbs steadily up through the forested mountainsides, with many appealing vistas. One of the best that also…

5. Qingshui Cliffs

5.83 MILES

Very steep rock-and-forest mountainsides north of Taroko descend directly into the sea from several hundred metres' altitude. That means that roads and…

6. Baiyang Waterfall

6.09 MILES

Falling a total of around 200m, this waterfall is in fact a pair of cascades, only parts of which are visible from the viewing bridge. To get there, you…

7. Qixingtan

10.81 MILES

Qixingtan (Chihsingtan) is a former fishing hamlet whose few remaining, old, tin-roofed shacks are outnumbered by a gaggle of small but fanciful hotels…

8. Fogstand

10.98 MILES

An ambitious little gallery that showcases edgy and experimental works by Taiwanese, Asian and Western artists. Fogstand also has an artists-as-resident…