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Taroko National Park (太魯閣國家公園; Tàilǔgé Gúojiā Gōngyuán) is Taiwan's top tourist destination. With its marble-walled canyons, lush vegetation and mountainous landscape, Taroko really puts the formosa (beautiful) in Ilha Formosa.The park covers 1200 sq km and rises from sea level in the east to over 3700m further west. In fact, Taroko is 90% mountainous, with 27 peaks over 3000m. Almost all the bio-geographical zones... Read More

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$147 Day Trips & Excursions

Taroko Gorge Day Tour from Taipei by Train

You will be picked up from your hotel in Taipei City between 5:30 AM - 6:10 AM and transferred to Taipei Railway Station to take a train to Hualien. After arrival in Hualien, your friendly and professional local tour guide will take you to explore the amazing Taroko National Park.Taroko National Park is one of the nine national parks in Taiwan with too many beautiful attractions. First stop is the Tunnel of Nine Turns with total length of 2 km. Taroko Gorge is the most essential sections, leaning against the mountain trails tight deep valleys, overlooking down the rapids of a stream river. The gorge/rock started over 200 million years ago as sediment on the bottom of the ocean. Later visit the Eternal Spring Shrine, one of the major picturesque points in the park. Enjoy the mesmerizing view of the mountains and waterfall. It is also one of the main memorials for veterans. Next continue to the Swallow Grotto. "Swallow" refers to the Cross-Island Highway from Jin Heng Park with approximately 500 m of marble foot canyon walls and numerous small caves. Take a break and enjoy some local Taiwanese cuisine for lunch at a local restaurant. After lunch visit the beautiful beach, Cisingtan Scenic Area and then proceed to Hualien Stone Sculptural Park to visit a marble factory. When the tour ends, you will be transferred to return to Hualien Railway Station to take the train back to Taipei by 7:00PM and then dropped off at your hotel in Taipei.

$91 Day Trips & Excursions

Private Day Tour: Taroko National Park from Hualien City

This 8-hour Taroko National tour is going to take you to see Chishintan beach, Chiishui cliff, Eternal Spring Shrine, Swallow’s Grotto and Baiyang Waterfall.Coursing along the magnificent canyons and breath-taking cliffs in Taroko National Park. you will see the visually stunning gorge on both sides, visit villages and historical landscapes in the area and trace the regions of local Taiwanese aboriginals from the great island. You can't miss out on this amazing trip.For the lunch, you have a choice to try out Taroko traditional meals in Leader’s village(at your own cost).

$85 Day Trips & Excursions

Small Group Taroko Gorge Classic Day Tour

You will be picked up from your hotel in Hualien city between 8am to 8:30am. Starting from Hualien city, our hospitable driver  will pick you up at your hotel, airport or Hualien Port. It takes around forty minutes from Hualien City to Taroko Gorge.  One of the eight wonders in Taiwan, Qingshui Cliff (Ching-Shui Cliff) will greet you firstly. The marvelous  cliff and emerald blue sea water, make Qingshui as a touristic highlight in Taroko National Park. Beside the abandoned old highway trace, you would be able to peep local traditional fishing culture . Keep going down through the East-West Highway (Su-Hua Highway; Hwy8), you will see the entrance of Taroko Gorge. The small archway was settled for more than fifty years. It is regarded as  a landmark of Taroko National Park.Most of the passengers  who have been to Taroko Gorge would take photos with this archway.The first trekking on the tour would be Shakadang Trail (Mysterious Valley trail), featuring for its crystal-blue stream water and amazing sedimentary  colorful rocks. There’s no need to worry about the hike, it is flat and easy, suitable for a family. Besides, you will see local aboriginal wild vegetable farms. At the end of the trail you can buy some beverage in the shop owned by local aborigines, and handicraft related to their culture. You can even take off your shoes and soak your feet into clean and fresh stream. You will have  a great experience of exploring the East Coast of Taiwan. The 3km trail takes around an hour to complete. After relax and simple hiking on Shakadang trail, the other picturesque spot nearby is Eternal Spring Shrine. The shrine is built to commemorate the sacrificed workers during the construction. Everlasting spring symbolizes the promising future of this land. In addition, our driver can take you to some secret spots nearby and tell you more stories behind the scenes. After lunch, you are going to Swallow Grotto (known as Yanzihkou Trail), the must-see sight of Taroko Gorge. You will walk on the old Central Cross Island Highway, and you will be amazed by how the the narrow tunnel goes through the marble mountain could be built . The dynamic geological activities and river cutting deepen the gorge day after day.  For safety, our driver will borrow helmets for you during the walk in Swallow Grotto in case of some small falling rocks. It takes around thirty minutes walking through  this marble paradise. Besides the spots mentioned above, you could also visit Lushui Trail, Cimu Bridge, Chishingtan Scenic Area ... etc if time permitted.  For the lunch, your tour guide will take you to one of the best restaurant in Taroko Gorge (Leader Village Taroko). Restaurant is owned by Taroko Tribal aborigines, will serve aboriginal-style cuisine, and all of the waiters are also aborigines.

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Private Tour: Taroko Gorge Day Trip from Taipei

Meet your private local guide upon pickup from your Taipei city hotel in the early morning. Depending on which option you select, take the two-hour express train or drive for several hours to the town of Hualien by private air-conditioned vehicle – with stops for breaks and views along the way. Your guide will transfer you to Taroko Gorge Gateway to begin your private tour of this spectacular region. Gaze with awe at the sheer marble cliffs of this remarkable gorge and the Liwu River that flows through its rocky landscape. Visit the Eternal Spring Shrine, one of the most photographed scenes around the gorge, where small temples were built to memorialize those who lost their lives in the construction of the central cross-island highway. Then stop for lunch at Leader Village Taroko, a sublime mountain hideaway serving aboriginal-inspired dishes. Afterward, travel with your private guide through Swallows Grotto, a 12-mile (20-kilometer) section of the highway that runs through tunnels carved into the vertical sides of the gorge from Taroko to Tienhsiang. Drive through 38 tunnels, including the Tunnel of Nine Turns – a stunning part of the gorge where numerous hiking trails begin.When you reach Tienhsiang, embark on a walking tour of the small village, a frequent stop for travelers to Taroko National Park. Check out the Tienhsiang Lodge and nearby amenities as you walk along shaded walkways and take in the photo-worthy landscape. Catch sight of Hsiangte Temple and its pagoda, situated on a hilltop and reached by a suspension bridge over the Liwu River. Next, your guide will accompany you onto the scenic Lushui Trail, an easy hiking trail that includes magnificent views of Taroko Gorge and the Liwu River below. Follow the trail as you climb uphill at a mild pace, then cross a suspension bridge before making your way onto an exposed cliff – wide enough for two people – with safety railings along the entire cliff segment.When you’ve returned to your car, continue to Chi Hsing Beach for a stroll. Finally, visit the Hualien Stone Sculptural Park and a marble factory before your guide returns you to Taipei by express train or private vehicle.

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Amazing Taroko National Park Full-Day Tour

Your tour guide will pick you up at your hotel in Hualien City around 9:00 am. Before arriving at the Taroko National Park, your guide will discuss itinerary details with you depending on the weather as well as your preference, physical condition, etc. Once the itinerary is determined, we will start the tour when we reach the entrance of Taroko National Park. There are many trails and spots in Taroko National Park and your guide will show you some hidden spots that are rarely visited even by the locals. Popular attractions in Taroko National Park includes Changchun (Eternal Spring) Shrine, Yanzikou (Swallow Grotto) Trail, Tianxiang and more, and discuss with your guide to find out the itinerary that suits you the best. When the tour ends, you will be transferred back to your hotel.

$480 Multi-day & Extended Tours

3-Day East Coast and Hualien Tour

On this 3-day small-group hiking tour, which includes hikes in the Mugua River Valley and Taroko National Park, you’ll discover why travelers from near and far frequent this remarkable destination. Enjoy two nights’ accommodation with breakfast, plus one included barbecued shrimp dinner that you catch yourself.