2-28 Memorial Museum


in Zhongzheng

Located inside 2-28 park, 2-28 Memorial Museum explains the background to the killings that were sparked by the 28 February 1947 incident and the repercussions that followed. Though there is little in the way of English signage in the museum, there's a good English audio guide (free).The museum building itself was once the Taiwan Radio Station, and it was from here that KMT officials tried to calm the masses as panic swept the island.

Exhibits are looking a little tired now; the history is told in a more lively and engaging way at the National 2-28 Memorial Museum.

Acknowledgement of the 2-28 Incident was a pivotal part of Taiwan's transformation from dictatorship to democracy. In addition to the incident itself, displays cover the drive for self-rule in Taiwan in the 1920s and '30s, and the role radio played in society at the time.