Must see attractions in Nantou County

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    Zinan Temple

    Dedicated to the Earth God, the carnivalesque Zinan Temple celebrates entrepreneurship and is perpetually busy, as is the marketplace that has grown…

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    Antique Assam Tea Farm

    An operating tea farm that's also a showcase for the reinstatement of tea shrubs to Sun Moon Lake. The speciality here is Assam black tea, introduced by…

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    Chung Tai World Museum

    Don’t miss this superb museum adjacent to the main Chung Tai Chan Temple; it is a fabulous showcase of Buddhist artefacts dated as early as AD 386.

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    Taichi Gorge

    It's not hard to see why a 1986 rockslide that killed 28 visitors closed Taichi Gorge to the public for over two decades. The precipitously high, narrow…

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    Huisun Forest Reserve

    Huisun Forest Reserve, home to Taiwan's largest old-growth forest, not only offers lovely, negative-ion-filled hiking trails; it's a one-stop site for…

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    Chung Tai Chan Temple

    From the entrance doors with their giant guardians to the 18 lohan reliefs, only top-quality materials and artists, both Taiwanese and foreign, were used…

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    Aowanda National Forest Recreation Area

    Located along the scenic Hwy 14 near Wushe, this national park is famous for its maples. The park ranges in altitude from 1100m to 2600m, making it a cool…

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    The forest-resort area known as Shanlinxi Forest Recreation Area (literally, Sun Link Sea FRA) has waterfalls, cherry blossoms in spring, and maple in…

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    Xiangshan Visitor Information Centre

    This visitor centre offers splendid views of Sun Moon Lake from atop a sleek modern structure that fits neatly in with the surroundings. Wood and concrete…

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    Shueishe Village

    The area by Shueishe Pier is a great place to kick back or go for a leisurely stroll. Lakeside walking paths extend from Shueishe village (often referred…

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    Evergreen Grasslands

    Cingjing Farm is Cingjing's number-one attraction for Asian families, and Evergreen Grasslands is its highlight. This is Taiwan's Heidi country, with…

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    Wuchang Temple

    Wuchang Temple became famous after the 1999 earthquake collapsed its lower floors, leaving the roof to stand in ruin. It now lies photogenically crumpled…

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    Sun Moon Lake Ropeway

    The seven-minute, 1.9km ride offers an unparalleled bird's-eye view of the lake as you rise into the nearby hills. The gondola terminates at the Formosan…

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    Xuanzang Temple

    Serene and charming, Xuanzang Temple keeps a tiny piece of the skull of Monk Xuanzang or Tripitaka (AD 600–664), who is fictionalised in the novel Journey…

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    Bashianshan Forest Recreation Area

    This forest reserve offers a range of trails for easy hikes lasting two to six hours. The reserve is also a prime site for spotting endemic bird and…

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    Wenwu Temple

    The imposing temple by Sun Moon Lake has superb natural lookouts and faux northern Chinese–style temple architecture. It's extremely popular with tour…

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    Paper Dome

    The chapel was originally built as a post-disaster recovery project by survivors of the 6.8-magnitude earthquake that struck Kobe, Japan, in 1995. It…

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    Bowang New Village

    Bowang New Village was one of several villages used to settle Shan ethnic soldiers from Burma (Myanmar) and Yunnan who fought for the KMT during the…

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    Mingtan Reservoir

    This reservoir feeds a power station billed as the largest pumped-storage generating plant in Asia. The system uses surplus electricity at night from the…

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    Meihe Garden

    A former military police station at the entrance of the Hanbi Trail has been turned into an attractive viewing spot after the 921 earthquake. 'Mei' and …