Northeastern Switzerland

Jewel-coloured Alpine lakes, a fast-flowing river and a striking mountain backdrop make this valley worth a detour. It mixes high pastureland with dense forest, and the autumn colours are nearly as vivid as in the USA's New England. The gateway to the valley is Pfäfers, with its mineral springs, former Benedictine abbey and, as of 2017, Switzerland's largest arched bridge, the Taminabrücke, which makes a 260m leap across the valley. The valley is prime territory for hiking and mountain biking.

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Nearby Northeastern Switzerland attractions

1. Burg Gutenberg

5.19 MILES

Balzers’ most visible icon is this state-owned, hilltop 13th-century castle, open only for concerts. Restored in the 20th century, the castle cuts a…

2. PrinzenBräu Brewery

5.46 MILES

This local microbrewery brews four beers – a light lager, a wheat beer, a rich 'old' beer and a creamy malt beer – as well as a schnapps known as …

3. Gigerwaldsee

8.02 MILES

Shimmering a startling shade of turquoise, the fjord-like Gigerwaldsee reservoir is flanked by sheer-sided, wooded mountains and laced with waterfalls. A…

4. St Martin im Calfeisental


Located at 1350m, this stuck-in-time Walser-speaking hamlet is great for slipping off the map for a while, with its ludicrously picturesque cluster of…

5. Walsermuseum

9.08 MILES

High up in Triesenberg, this museum recounts the intriguing story of the Walsers and contains curious carvings out of twisted tree trunks and branches…

6. Bündner Kunstmuseum

9.69 MILES

This superb gallery reflects the history of art in Graubünden as well as works by artists who are linked with the canton. It gives an insight into the…

7. Malteserturm

9.86 MILES

Once the munitions tower (its previous name was Pulverturm meaning Gunpowder Tower), this is one of the few parts of the Old Town walls that were erected…

8. Sennhofturm

9.86 MILES

In the back of the Old Town, this is one of the few remains of the old defensive walls built in the 13th century.