Fribourg, Drei-Seen-Land and The Jura

Tropical butterflies flutter alongside hummingbirds and other exotic birds 11km northeast of Murten at Papiliorama. Indigenous butterflies flit about in the Swiss Butterfly Garden, tarantulas creep and crawl in Arthropodarium, night creatures from Latin America hide in Nocturama, and in Jungle Trek – a re-creation of a Belize nature reserve complete with mangroves, tropical dry forest and a 7m-high panorama bridge – intrepid explorers do just that. Papiliorama is 80m from Kerzers train station, and linked to Murten (Sfr4.60, nine minutes) by train.

Lonely Planet's must-see attractions

Nearby Fribourg, Drei-Seen-Land and The Jura attractions

1. Deutsche Kirche

5.71 MILES

Murten's German Church, dating to 1399, was rebuilt in baroque style in 1710. Don't miss its stucco ceiling and lovely polygonal pulpit, carved from a…

2. Ringmauer

5.73 MILES

Ascend the wooden Aufstieg auf die Ringmauer (rampart stairs) behind the Deutsche Kirche to reach the covered walkway traversing these sturdy 11th-century…

3. Old Town

5.76 MILES

Murten is a cobblestone three-street town crammed with arcaded houses. A string of hotel-restaurants, culminating in a 13th-century castle (closed to…

4. Museum Murten

5.91 MILES

In a mill outside the city walls, this museum displays artefacts discovered during the dredging of the Broye Canal in 1829 and cannons used in the Battle…

5. Sankt Petersinsel

6.19 MILES

Political theorist Jean-Jacques Rousseau said he spent the happiest time of his life on this lovely island in the middle of the Bielersee, actually joined…

6. Ligerz Wine Museum

7.22 MILES

Learn about the wines of the Bielersee region on a guided tour of this small museum and the delightful 16th-century noble's home in which it is housed. A…

7. Centre PasquArt

10.48 MILES

With a determinedly modern annex bolted onto an imposing 1886 hospital building, this place displays intriguing contemporary art exhibitions with a strong…

8. Neues Museum Biel

10.53 MILES

The Neues Museum features an extensive and fascinating collection of art, history and archaeological exhibits from Biel and beyond. Highlights include a…