Northeastern Switzerland

Formed by glacial moraine, this vivid blue lake is reached via a beautiful mountain trail from Braunwald. The moderate, 3½-hour walk leads through meadows and open forest and takes in an Alpine dairy. The lake is a great spot for a family picnic.

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1. Hölloch Caves

10.75 MILES

These 200km labyrinthine caves, 13km from Schwyz in Muotatal, are Europe's longest and the world's fourth-biggest. Think about it – it's 52km from Zürich…

2. Piz Sardona

12.06 MILES

A glacier spills down the eastern flank of mighty Piz Sardona (3056m), close to the tri-border between the cantons of Glarus, St Gallen and Graubünden…

3. Swiss Tectonic Arena Sardona

12.2 MILES

Centred on the peak of Piz Sardona, this nature reserve has held Unesco World Natural Heritage status since 2008. A geologist's dream come true, it's one…

4. Tödi

12.4 MILES

Lording it over Glarus and the Alpine range of the same name, this distinctive, file-shaped peak tops out at 3614m and is the sole preserve of proficient…

5. Flumserberg

12.89 MILES

For a little Alpine fun, take the winding mountain road to Flumserberg, perched high above the lake and facing the impenetrable rock wall of the…

6. Seerenbachfälle

13.07 MILES

This series of three colossal waterfalls, thundering 585m from top to bottom, is fuelled by underground rivers running through the mountain rock from as…

7. Statue of St Benedikt

15.79 MILES

For a fine view over the abbey complex to the surrounding hills, wander through the monastery stables and continue uphill for 15 minutes to this statue.

8. Klosterkirche

15.99 MILES

Follow the crowds flowing towards this baroque edifice, the 18th-century handiwork of Caspar Moosbrugger. The interior dances with colourful frescoes,…