Statue of St Benedikt

Central Switzerland

For a fine view over the abbey complex to the surrounding hills, wander through the monastery stables and continue uphill for 15 minutes to this statue.

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1. Klosterkirche

0.29 MILES

Follow the crowds flowing towards this baroque edifice, the 18th-century handiwork of Caspar Moosbrugger. The interior dances with colourful frescoes,…

4. Devil’s Bridge

2.81 MILES

A two-hour walk north of Einsiedeln and back will bring you to the narrow, wood-covered Devil’s Bridge, built by abbey master Caspar Moosbrugger in 1699.

5. Polenmuseum

7.42 MILES

Spread across the 2nd floor of medieval castle Schloss Rapperswil, this moderately interesting museum was founded in 1870 by a Polish emigrant, Count…

6. Schloss Rapperswil

7.42 MILES

Rapperswil's Old Town is dominated by the sturdy turrets of its much-photographed 13th-century castle. Climb up to its terrace for views over a jigsaw of…

7. Stadtmuseum Rapperswil-Jona


Completely renovated in 2012, the town's biggest museum now sports a cool facade that's half modernist perforated bronze and half 14th-century stone tower…

8. Kunst(zeug)haus

7.66 MILES

This enormous art space, a converted weapons arsenal with a very 21st-century wavy roof bearing the hallmark of Züricher architects Isa Stürm und Urs Wolf…