Old Town

Fribourg, Drei-Seen-Land and The Jura

Biel-Bienne's beautiful Old Town huddles around the 'Ring', a plaza whose name harks back to bygone days when community bigwigs sat here in a semicircle passing judgement on unfortunate miscreants brought before them. Leading from the Ring is Burggasse, home to the stepped-gabled town hall, theatre and several shuttered houses. The Old Town also features an assortment of gilded fountains, including the Fountain of Justice (1744).

Lonely Planet's must-see attractions

Nearby Fribourg, Drei-Seen-Land and The Jura attractions

1. Neues Museum Biel

0.27 MILES

The Neues Museum features an extensive and fascinating collection of art, history and archaeological exhibits from Biel and beyond. Highlights include a…

2. Centre PasquArt

0.37 MILES

With a determinedly modern annex bolted onto an imposing 1886 hospital building, this place displays intriguing contemporary art exhibitions with a strong…

3. Omega Museum

0.65 MILES

For watch buffs. This well-done museum also has English-language tours on demand.

4. Ligerz Wine Museum

6.66 MILES

Learn about the wines of the Bielersee region on a guided tour of this small museum and the delightful 16th-century noble's home in which it is housed. A…

5. Sankt Petersinsel


Political theorist Jean-Jacques Rousseau said he spent the happiest time of his life on this lovely island in the middle of the Bielersee, actually joined…

6. Maison de la Tête de Moine

9.01 MILES

This excellent museum dedicated to the history of the eponymous 'Monks Head' cheese and the neighbouring Abbatiale de Bellelay is a great reason to come…

7. Abbatiale de Bellelay

9.18 MILES

The Abbatiale de Bellelay, 8km north of Tavannes between Moutier and St Imier, is now a psychiatric hospital, but you are free to wander the grounds…

8. Papiliorama

10.74 MILES

Tropical butterflies flutter alongside hummingbirds and other exotic birds 11km northeast of Murten at Papiliorama. Indigenous butterflies flit about in…