Örebro Konsthall (OBKHL)


Örebro's excellent art gallery is responsible for the fact that there are over 200 public art pieces scattered about the city and is integral in the organisation of the Örebro Open Art festival. With a diverse permanent collection of primarily contemporary art and frequent visiting exhibitions, there's always something going on.

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1. Örebro Slottet

0.09 MILES

Örebro's hulking and magnificent castle is unmissable in town and now serves as the county governor’s headquarters. It was originally built in the late…

2. Biologiska Museet


Many Swedish schools once had private natural-history collections, but most were binned in the 1960s. Örebro’s Biologiska Museet, in Karolinska Skolan,…

3. Örebro läns museum


The Länsmuseum has strong and topical temporary exhibits – for example, a collection of protest posters from the ‘60s, or a consideration of the era’s…

4. Stallbacken

0.21 MILES

This lovely square in central Örebro opens on to Stortorget and comprises several traditional houses that have been resorted and converted into boutiques…

5. St Nikolai Kyrka

0.26 MILES

The attractive rust-brick 13th-century St Nikolai Kyrka, with its sloping green roof, has some historical interest: it’s where Jean Baptiste Bernadotte …

6. Rådhus

0.26 MILES

Örebro's Rådhus (town hall) is located on Drottninggatan. If you’re around at the right time, stop to hear the chimes (12.05pm and 6.05pm year-round, plus…

7. Stadsparken

0.54 MILES

Stadsparken is an idyllic and kid-friendly park once voted Sweden’s most beautiful. It stretches alongside Svartån (the Black river) and merges into the…

8. Wadköping

0.72 MILES

The Wadköping museum village contains craft workshops, a bakery and period buildings – including Kungsstugan (the King's Lodgings, a medieval house with…