Riverside Tivoliparken is perfect for a summertime evening stroll or a waffle or two at a waterside cafe.

Lonely Planet's must-see attractions

Nearby Skåne attractions

1. Filmmuseet

0.23 MILES

Swedish filmmaking began in Kristianstad, so it’s appropriate that Filmmuseet, one of Sweden’s few film museums, is based here. That said, the…

2. Trefaldighetskyrkan

0.23 MILES

One of the finest Renaissance churches in Scandinavia, Trefaldighetskyrkan was completed in 1628 when Skåne was still under Danish control. The light…

3. Regionmuseet Kristianstad

0.29 MILES

Originally intended as a palace, the building ended up being used as an arsenal. It now houses local-history exhibits and art, handicrafts and silverware…

4. Bastionen Konungen

0.45 MILES

One of Kristianstad's 10 original bastions (fortifications) dating from the late 1700s is now an outdoor information point and museum of sorts, with…

5. Absolut Experience Center

9.17 MILES

Åhus is home to the Absolut Vodka distillery, where half a million bottles are produced daily. Free tours run six times daily on weekdays from late June…

6. Kungagraven

24.05 MILES

Believed to be a site of ancient human sacrifice, this is Sweden’s largest Bronze Age grave, dating from around 1000 BC. It’s an extraordinary shield-like…

7. Kiviks Musteri

24.97 MILES

This is a large-scale commercial operation encompassing a small museum, a vast shop selling everything from apple mustard to apple cake, an apple orchard…

8. Stenshuvud National Park

25.66 MILES

Just south of Kivik, this enchanting national park features lush woodland, marshes, sandy beaches and a high headland. Among its more unusual residents…