Karlshamns Museum

Top choice in Southern Sweden

The ‘culture quarter’ museum has interesting information about Karlshamn’s history of producing tobacco and punsch (strong alcoholic punch), as well as a replica of the city’s liquor factory (Punchmuseet, admission 20kr), complete with barrels, bottles and machinery. Beautiful 18th-century houses include the manor and merchant house Skottsbergska Gården and Holländarhuset (Dutchman’s house).

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1. Skottsbergska Gården

0.05 MILES

This magnificent former mansion and merchant house is filled with antiques and valuable paintings. It falls under the Karlshamns Museum banner but a…

2. Utvandrar-Monumentet

0.74 MILES

This poignant monument commemorates all America-bound emigrants. Its figures are characters from Vilhelm Moberg’s classic The Emigrants: Karl Oscar,…

3. Kreativum Science Center

1.46 MILES

This hands-on science museum, touching on all of the major scientific disciplines through fun activities and exhibits, is great for families. Its primary…

4. Drottningskärs kastell

27.6 MILES

Bristling with cannons, this fortified tower on the island of Aspö was described by Admiral Nelson of the British Royal Navy as ‘impregnable’. You can…

5. Absolut Experience Center

27.7 MILES

Åhus is home to the Absolut Vodka distillery, where half a million bottles are produced daily. Free tours run six times daily on weekdays from late June…

6. Blekinge Museum

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This evocative museum explores the local fishing, boat-building and quarrying trades. The most captivating part is Grevagården, an impressively preserved…

7. Trefaldighetskyrkan

28.06 MILES

Inspired by Rome’s Pantheon, this gorgeous church built between 1697 and 1709 looks somehow out of place on the vast and juxtaposing Stortorget.

8. Amiralitetsklockstapeln

28.08 MILES

This freestanding three-bell clock tower dates from 1699 when it was used as a clock for the dockyard workers. Since 1909 it has been under the care of…