Southern Sweden

This freestanding three-bell clock tower dates from 1699 when it was used as a clock for the dockyard workers. Since 1909 it has been under the care of the nearby Amiralitetskyrkan.

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1. Trefaldighetskyrkan

0.15 MILES

Inspired by Rome’s Pantheon, this gorgeous church built between 1697 and 1709 looks somehow out of place on the vast and juxtaposing Stortorget.

2. Amiralitetskyrkan

0.18 MILES

Sweden’s oldest wooden church is the stocky Amiralitetskyrkan, with a gorgeous pastel interior. Outside, the wooden statue Old Rosenbom raises his hat to…

3. Stortorget


Karlskrona’s monumental square, Stortorget, was planned to rival Europe’s best. Alas, the funds ran out, resulting in a somewhat odd mix of grand…

4. Fredrikskyrkan


This striking, somewhat mesmerising baroque church on the main square is included under the broad World Heritage listing of Karlskrona's architecture. At…

5. Blekinge Museum

0.32 MILES

This evocative museum explores the local fishing, boat-building and quarrying trades. The most captivating part is Grevagården, an impressively preserved…

6. Marinmuseum

0.55 MILES

The striking Marinmuseum is the national naval museum. Dive in for reconstructions of a battle deck in wartime, a hall full of fantastic figureheads,…

7. Drottningskärs kastell

3.43 MILES

Bristling with cannons, this fortified tower on the island of Aspö was described by Admiral Nelson of the British Royal Navy as ‘impregnable’. You can…

8. Kungsholms Fort

3.55 MILES

Karlskrona’s star is the extraordinary offshore Kungsholms Fort, with its curious circular harbour, established in 1680 to defend the town. The fort can…