Southwestern Sweden

Vänermuseet boasts a 20-cu-metre aquarium, home to all manner of aquatic wildlife from its namesake lake, Europe’s third largest (5650 sq km). A variety of other exhibits highlight the lake's nature and culture.

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1. Husaby Kyrka

8.51 MILES

Husaby (15km east of Lidköping) is inextricably linked to Swedish history. Legend has it King Olof Skötkonung (d1022), the country’s first Christian…

2. Kinnekulle

10.95 MILES

The ‘flowering mountain’ Kinnekulle (306m), 18km northeast of Lidköping, features unusually diverse geology and plant life, including mighty ancient oaks…

3. Läckö Slott

11.64 MILES

An extraordinary example of 17th-century Swedish baroque architecture, Läckö Slott lies 23km north of Lidköping. There's been a castle here since 1298;…

4. Hunneberg & Hanneberg Nature Reserve

26.29 MILES

Described by Linnaeus as an ‘earthly paradise’, the Hunneberg & Hanneberg Nature Reserve covers two dramatic, craggy plateaus 8km east of town. There are…

5. Kungajaktmuseet Älgens Berg

28.35 MILES

Kungajaktmuseet Älgens Berg, the royal hunting museum, is at the entrance to the Hunneberg & Hanneberg Nature Reserve, and tells you everything you could…