Southwestern Sweden

The Tardis-like Kanalmuséet initiates you into the history of the Dalsland Canal (completed in 1868), with its clever aqueduct designed by engineer Nils Ericsson – a necessity because the ground in this region made it impossible to build a lock to bypass the Håverud rapids.

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1. Dalslands Museum & Konsthall

1.11 MILES

Pop in for a compact collection of local art, woodwork (including a shell-shocked wooden cat), ceramics, ironware and Åmål silverware, as well as thought…

2. Skålleruds Church

2.57 MILES

At Skållerud is a beautiful, shiny-red, 17th-century wooden church, with well-preserved paintings and baroque fittings.

3. Högsbyn Nature Reserve

5.21 MILES

Atmospheric Högsbyn Nature Reserve, about 8km north of Håverud near Tisselskog, has woodland walks and a shallow bathing spot. Best of all are its…

4. Hunneberg & Hanneberg Nature Reserve

29.06 MILES

Described by Linnaeus as an ‘earthly paradise’, the Hunneberg & Hanneberg Nature Reserve covers two dramatic, craggy plateaus 8km east of town. There are…