Helgumannens Fiskeläge


It's worth making the trek to this isolated fishing village just to contemplate the remoteness of life out here and the beauty of real isolation.

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1. Bergmancenter

4.24 MILES

The Bergmancenter, honouring Sweden's most famous film director, the late Ingmar Bergman, a Fårö local, was inaugurated in 2014 and hosts exhibits,…

2. Blå Lagunen

8.84 MILES

This remote, flooded, former quarry really does have that tropical azure water, but it has two drawbacks: it's steep, deep and not great for kids; and in…

3. Bungemuseet

9.56 MILES

Step back in time at the Bungemuseet, an open-air museum with 17th- to 19th-century houses, picture stones dating from AD800 and a historic playground. It…

4. Bungenäs

11.05 MILES

Formerly a military base (and part of the adjoining land still is used by the military), this bizarre and wonderful collection of unexpected buildings by…

5. Jungfrun

25.38 MILES

Outside the little village of Lickershamn (tee hee) on the west coast of the island, you'll find these eroded limestone raukar, some of which are a…

6. Gotska Sandön

26.97 MILES

Isolated Gotska Sandön, with an area of 37 sq km, is an unusual island with lighthouses at its three corners, 30km of beaches, sand dunes, pine forest and…

7. Tjelvars grav

28.39 MILES

About 42km east of Visby you'll find this fascinating and definitely thought-provoking scene of Bronze Age standing stones arranged in the shape of a ship…