Outside the little village of Lickershamn (tee hee) on the west coast of the island, you'll find these eroded limestone raukar, some of which are a whopping 12m high. The largest of them is called the Jungfrun maiden and has all sorts of spooky stories attached to it.

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Nearby Gotland attractions

1. Bro Kyrka

11.08 MILES

If you’re heading northeast, visit the remarkable Bro church, which has several 5th-century picture stones in the south wall of the oratory, beautiful…

2. Norderport

14.83 MILES

The northern gate of Visby's city wall is a good entry point if you're short on time. Follow the wall in a southwesterly direction until you find the…

3. St Nicolai Kyrka

14.91 MILES

The once magnificant St Nicolai Kyrka, now in ruins, was built in 1230 by Dominican monks.

4. Östergravar

14.91 MILES

The grassy area outside the city wall known as the East Graves is a popular spot for jousts during Medeltidsveckan – and a great spot for photographers.

5. Helge And Kyrka

14.98 MILES

The only stone-built octagonal church in Visby, built in 1200.

6. St Clemens Ruins

15.01 MILES

The ruin of a Romanesque church dating from the mid-13th century.

7. Visby Sankta Maria Domkyrka

15.06 MILES

Visby's church ruins contrast with the stoic and utterly awe-inspiring Sankta Maria kyrka. Built in the late 12th and early 13th centuries and heavily…

8. St Karins Kyrka

15.18 MILES

One of the most stunning of Visby's medieval churches, it's often used for performances. In winter, local children skate on an artificial ice rink within…