Atmospheric Lodgings

If you’d like to escape the heat and chill out for a few days, there's a handful of great options.

Corinthia Sudan's top-notch hotel is a destination in itself, with a fabulous design, sweeping Nile and city views, and plenty of amenities.

Meroe Lodge Get away from it all at this superb lodge and enjoy the sunset over the Meroe Pyramids – unforgettable.

Nubian Rest-House This boutique-style establishment at the base of Jebel Barkal is a lovely retreat.

Abdu Rabbo Guesthouse Simple, colourful, authentic and low-key – this is your typical Nubian guesthouse.

Archaeological Sites

History buffs, rejoice! With plenty of astounding archaeological sites, Sudan will give you plenty of opportunities to ponder its enigmatic past.

Meroe Pyramids Watching the sun rise at these intriguing pyramids is a memorable experience.

Soleb The layout of this spectacular Egyptian temple that stands on the Nile is similar to the temple of Luxor in Egypt.

Old Dongola The remains of this medieval city are well worth a detour.

Nuri These crumbling pyramids stand on a sand dune like a row of broken teeth – a poignant sight.

Naqa The beautifully preserved Lion and Amun temples are among the most impressive Kushite sites in Sudan.

Islamic Culture

A number of gems in Sudan date from the Islamic era and are well worth a gander.

Hamed el-Nil Tomb The mausoleum is the weekly focus for Khartoum's most impressive 'show' – the dancing dervishes.

Khatmiyah Mosque This highly photogenic old mosque at the base of the Taka Mountains is made of plain brick.

Suakin Island This old Red Sea port is a tumble of crumbling buildings that seem lost in time.

Omdurman Souq Get lost in this labyrinthine souq, the largest and most vibrant market in Sudan.


Flanking the shores of Sudan, the crystal-clear waters of the Red Sea are home to thriving coral reefs and abundant marine life.

Sanganeb Reef A thrilling dive site, with plenty of colourful critters and pelagics.

Sha'ab Rumi Diving this splendid reef is an unforgettable experience.

Dahrat Abid Red Sea diving at its best: sharks, healthy reefs and schooling fish.

Umbria A must for wreck divers, the Umbria is one of the Southern Red Sea's most famous dives.