Seruwawila Rajamaha Viharaya


One of the holiest Buddhist monuments in Sri Lanka, founded in the 2nd century BC, but only rediscovered, and reconstructed, in the 1920s. This stupa pokes above the scrubby plains and was renovated in 2009. The tiny village here has snack vendors.

From the north, turn off the A15 just south of the 101km post, then follow a partially paved road for 7.5km. From the south, turn off just south of the 89km post and drive for 7km along mostly paved roads.

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1. Marble Beach

12.26 MILES

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2. Manayaweli Cove

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3. St Mary’s Cathedral

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4. Maritime & Naval History Museum

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7. Buddha Statue

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This big standing Buddha statue is at the Gokana Temple.

8. Gokana Temple

15.15 MILES

There are fine views of Trinco and the coastline from here.