Gokana Temple


There are fine views of Trinco and the coastline from here.

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Nearby Trincomalee attractions

2. Fort Frederick

0.09 MILES

Occupying the neck of a narrow peninsula, Fort Frederick has been a defensively important site for centuries. A fortress was initially constructed here by…

3. Fish Market

0.41 MILES

Fishy interest is provided at the raucous daily fish market near the bus station. Early mornings are busiest.

4. Dutch Bay Beach

0.45 MILES

Right in the centre of Trinco is the attractive and picturesque Dutch Bay. Swimming is possible despite sometimes dangerous undertows. However, it’s more…

5. Kali Kovil

0.48 MILES

Kali Kovil has the most impressive, eye-catching gopuram (gateway towers) of Trinco’s many Hindu temples. It's always busy.

6. Swami Rock

0.51 MILES

The base for Kandasamy Kovil is considered the world's greatest vantage point for spotting blue whales. Note the odd cubic-shaped rocks below.

7. Kandasamy Kovil

0.51 MILES

This revered temple at the summit of a rocky outcrop is one of Sri Lanka’s pancha ishwaram, five historical Hindu temples dedicated to Shiva and…

8. Maritime & Naval History Museum

0.54 MILES

A grand 18th-century Dutch colonial building has been renovated and turned into a museum. Displays on the ground floor cover Sri Lankan naval history back…