Padeniya Raja Mahavihara

The Ancient Cities

About 85km south of Anuradhapura and 25km northwest of Kurunegala, where the Puttalam and Anuradhapura roads meet, is this Kandyan-style temple, which is worth popping into if you’re passing by. It’s a pretty, medieval temple with 28 carved pillars and a stunning elaborate door (said to be the largest in Sri Lanka) to the main shrine. There is also a clay-image house and a library, as well as a preaching hall with an unusual carved wooden pulpit.

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1. Panduwasnuwara Ruins

8.69 MILES

The archaeological site is spread over a wide area. Near the entrance is a moat, a massive citadel wall and the remains of a royal palace. Further on are…

2. Archaeological Museum

8.85 MILES

This tiny museum on the main road next to the turn-off to the ruins has a modest collection of objects recovered from the Panduwasnuwara site, including…

3. Yapahuwa Rock Fortress

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The steep ornamental staircase of this dramatic rock fortress is perhaps its finest feature, and once led to the Temple of the Tooth. One of the lions…

4. Athagala

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An atmospheric rock-cut staircase winds up Athagala, a large black rock outcrop on the eastern side of the city, to offer fine city views from a 22m-tall…

5. Ridi Vihara

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The primary attraction at this Buddhist temple is the golden standing Buddha statue in the main cave called the Pahala Vihara (Lower Temple), which also…

6. Monaragala Viharaya Buddha

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This 20m-tall sitting Buddha, 4km southeast of Ridigama, was unveiled in 2015 as the largest (but not the loveliest) granite statue in the world. Set on a…

7. Pinnewala Elephant Orphanage

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Initially created to protect abandoned or orphaned elephants, this is one of Sri Lanka’s most popular attractions. It's a highly commercialised experience…

8. Heritage Spice & Herbs Garden

27.99 MILES

With an attractive, shady garden, this spice specialist runs informative tours and has a cafe for snacks and drinks. Around 15km north of Matale.