Heritage Spice & Herbs Garden

The Ancient Cities

With an attractive, shady garden, this spice specialist runs informative tours and has a cafe for snacks and drinks. Around 15km north of Matale.

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1. Euphoria Spice & Herbal

0.11 MILES

Offers very detailed tours of its spice garden and has a shop selling all kinds of creams, potions and lotions that are said to help everything from…

2. Nalanda Gedige

5.32 MILES

This South Indian style temple consists of an entrance hall connected to a taller shikara (holy image sanctuary), with a courtyard for circumambulations…

3. Aluvihara

6.74 MILES

Set in the foothills 3km north of Matale, surrounded by giant boulders, this monastery is a low-key, but intriguing, site. There's a charming series of…

4. Matale Heritage Centre

7.17 MILES

This crafts centre draws on the rich traditions of the area, producing quality batik and embroidery, which visitors can see being made on site. The future…

5. Sri Muthumariamman Thevasthanam

8.12 MILES

Just north of the bus stand for Kandy (at the north end of town) is this interesting South Indian–style Hindu temple. A couple of garages to the side…

6. Ridi Vihara

9.94 MILES

The primary attraction at this Buddhist temple is the golden standing Buddha statue in the main cave called the Pahala Vihara (Lower Temple), which also…

7. Monaragala Viharaya Buddha

9.99 MILES

This 20m-tall sitting Buddha, 4km southeast of Ridigama, was unveiled in 2015 as the largest (but not the loveliest) granite statue in the world. Set on a…

8. Museum of Wall Paintings

17.85 MILES

The English-language displays here are a good primer on Sri Lankan wall art – from cave paintings to 18th-century frescoes – but the poor reproductions…