St Lucia’s Cathedral


This enormous 1881 cathedral lies in the Catholic heart of the Kotahena district. The biggest church in Sri Lanka has an exterior inspired by St Peter's in Rome. It can hold up to 5000 worshippers in its rather plain interior.

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3. St Anthony’s Church

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One of the city’s most interesting shrines is St Anthony’s Church. Outside it looks like a typical Portuguese Catholic church, but inside the atmosphere…

4. Wolvendaal Church

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The 1749 Wolvendaal Church is the most important Dutch building in Sri Lanka. When the church was built, this area was a wilderness beyond the city walls…

5. Grand Mosque

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The large Grand Mosque is the most important of Colombo's many mosques. The mosque is closed to non-Muslims during prayer times and Fridays.

6. New Kathiresan Kovil

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Dedicated to the war god Murugan (Skanda), this is the northernmost of three adjoining temples. It's one of the largest in Colombo and was built in 1830.

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Dedicated to the war god Murugan (Skanda), this is the middle of three adjoining kovils (temples).