Lloyd's Buildings


Sir Baron Jayathilaka Mawatha has the grandly restored Lloyd’s Buildings. Several other imposing colonial piles on the street are also in various stages of renovation, such as the neighbouring Whiteaways with its arched wooden windows. The regal air of when this was the fiscal heart of Ceylon is definitely returning.

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1. St Peter’s Church

0.08 MILES

Reached along the arcade on the north side of the Grand Oriental Hotel, this converted Dutch governor’s banquet hall was first used as a church in 1821…

2. President's House

0.09 MILES

In the heart of Fort, this fenced colonial estate is where the president lives.

3. Cargills Main Store

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Local retail giant Cargills once had its main store on York St. The now mostly empty ornate 1906 red building still shows its faded elegance in its long…

4. Rickshaw Statue

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The venerable Grand Oriental Hotel has an iconic statue on the small traffic circle in front of its entry that defies political correctness. A wiry local…

5. Clock Tower

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The restored clock tower at the junction of Chatham St and Janadhipathi Mawatha (once Queen St) was originally a lighthouse that was built in 1857. It's…

6. Central Point

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Chatham St is seeing the ongoing renovations of old buildings, one of the grandest being the old colonnaded 1914 Central Bank building known as Central…

7. Sambodhi Chaitiya

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Just north of the lighthouse, you won't be able to miss this bombastic white dagoba (stupa) perched about 20m off the ground on huge, incongruous curving…

8. Old Galle Buck Lighthouse

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Climb up onto the large central terrace of this 1954 lighthouse for views of the ocean, and the rapidly expanding commercial port and mega offshore…