Must-see attractions in Valencia

  • La Concha beach in the city of San Sebastian

    Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias

    L'Eixample & Southern Valencia

    This aesthetically stunning complex occupies a massive 350,000-sq-metre swath of the old Turia riverbed. It’s occupied by a series of spectacular…

  • Square of Saint Mary's and Valencia Cathedral Temple in old town. Every year, Valencia (third size population city in Spain)welcomes more than 4 million visitors.

    Catedral de Valencia


    Valencia’s cathedral was built over a mosque after the 1238 reconquest. Its low, wide, brick-vaulted triple nave is mostly Gothic, with neoclassical side…

  • Back entrance to Iglesia de San Nicolas.

    Iglesia de San Nicolás


    Recently reopened to the public after a magnificent restoration, this single-naved church down a passageway is a striking sight. Over the original Gothic…

  • Museo Del Patriarca, Valencia, Spain.

    Museo del Patriarca


    This seminary was founded in the late 16th century by San Juan de Ribera, a towering Counter-Reformation figure who wielded enormous spiritual and…

  • "The slender gothic columns and renaissance vaulted ceiling the the Lonja de la Seda, the Silk Exchange, UNESCO World Heritage Site in the heart of Valencia's old town, Spain. ProPhoto RGB profile for maximum color fidelity and gamut. NB: Slightly grainy ISO 800 image."

    La Lonja


    This splendid building, a Unesco World Heritage Site, was originally Valencia’s silk and commodity exchange, built in the late 15th century when the city…

  • The Bioparc zoo of Valencia, Spain.


    Western Valencia

    This zoo devoted solely to African animals has an educational and conservationist remit and an unusual approach. Though, as always, the confinement of…

  • Valencia free rental city bicycle "Valenbisi" in front of the Museum of fine arts  in Valencia, Spain

    Museo de Bellas Artes


    Bright and spacious, this gallery ranks among Spain’s best. Highlights include a collection of magnificent late-medieval altarpieces, and works by several…

  • Valencia, Spain - july 2022: Interior Spaces, People and Architecture of the Mercado Central, the principal Food Market in Valencia, Spain.

    Mercado Central


    Valencia’s vast Modernista covered market, constructed in 1928, is a swirl of smells, movement and colour. Spectacular seafood counters display…

  • The Jardí del Túria (Túria gardens), a public park with cycle ways, footpaths, sports facilities as well as the futuristic City of Arts and Sciences in the background.

    Jardines del Turia


    Stretching the length of Río Turia’s former course, this 9km-long lung of green is a fabulous mix of playing fields, cycling, jogging and walking paths,…

  • Torres de Quart.

    Torres de Quart

    Barrio del Carmen

    Spain's most magnificent city gate is quite a sight from the new town. You can clamber to the top of the 15th-century structure, which faces towards…

  • Museo Nacional de Cerámica


    Inside a striking palace, this ceramics museum celebrates an important local industry. Downstairs (which also features a decadent hand-painted 1753…

  • Museo de las Ciencias Príncipe Felipe

    L'Eixample & Southern Valencia

    This interactive science museum, stretching like a giant whale skeleton within the Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias, has plenty of touchy-feely things…

  • Street view of Institut Valencià d’Art Modern.

    Institut Valencià d’Art Modern

    Barrio del Carmen

    This impressive gallery hosts excellent temporary exhibitions and owns a small but impressive collection of 20th-century Spanish art. The most reliably…

  • Outside entrance to Oceanogràfic.


    L'Eixample & Southern Valencia

    Spain's most famous aquarium is the southernmost building of the Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias. It's an impressive display, divided into a series of…

  • Entrance of the Art Center "Bombas Gens" in Valencia.

    Bombas Gens


    This conversion of a handsome art deco factory that once made hydraulic pumps has created an intriguing space for modern art. There's a particularly good…

  • Inside Monforte Gardens

    Monforte Gardens


    These under-the-radar ornamental gardens designed in the mid-19th century are a peaceful spot to escape the city. Marble statues, sculpted hedges and a…

  • Beach of the Patacona de Alboraya in summer, Valencia, Spain.

    Playa de la Patacona

    Valencia's Beaches

    The northern stretch of Valencia's main beach has a quieter, more local scene, but still gets busy in summer. It's backed by lovely traditional houses…

  • Torres de Serrano towers in Valencia.

    Torres de Serranos

    Barrio del Carmen

    Once the main exit to Barcelona and the north, the imposing 14th-century Torres de Serranos overlooks the former bed of the Río Turia. Together with the…

  • Palace of the Marques de Dos Aguas at dusk.

    Palacio del Marqués de Dos Aguas


    Quite a sight from outside, this immoderate palace has a pair of wonderfully extravagant rococo caryatids curling around the main entrance. The exterior…

  • Palau de les Arts Reina Sofía

    L'Eixample & Southern Valencia

    Brooding over the riverbed like a giant beetle, its shell shimmering with translucent mosaic tiles, this ultramodern arts complex, grafted onto the Ciudad…

  • Convent Carmen

    Barrio del Carmen

    In the grounds of a former convent, this cultural space hosts everything from music and movies to yoga and debates. In the large garden, food is served…

  • Puente de las Flores view from Plaza d'America.

    Puente de las Flores


    In a city full of impressive bridges, Puente de las Flores is one of Valenicia's most spectacular – and undoubtedly its sweetest smelling. Designed by…

  • Outside entrance of L'Almoina including water feature.

    La Almoina


    Beneath the square just east of Valencia’s cathedral, the archaeological remains of the kernel of Roman, Visigoth and Islamic Valencia shimmer through a…

  • Ayuntamiento from Plaza de la Ayuntamiento.



    Valencia’s handsome neoclassical town hall dominates the square that takes its name. Within is the Museo Histórico Municipal, a repository of items…

  • Street view of Plaza de Toros

    Plaza de Toros

    L'Eixample & Southern Valencia

    This roughly 170-year-old bullring is an iconic site next to Estación del Norte. Similar in style to Rome’s Colosseum, the 10,500-capacity bullring has…

  • Bell at the top of El Miguelete.

    El Miguelete


    Turn left as you enter the main portal of the cathedral for the climb up to El Miguelete, the emblematic octagonal tower. It's apparently 51m high,…

  • Exterior of Mercado Colon (Market Columbus).

    Mercado de Colón

    L'Eixample & Southern Valencia

    This magnificent building, now colonised by cafes and boutique food outlets, was formerly a market, built in 1916 to serve the rising bourgeoisie of the…

  • Front entrance to Estación del Norte.

    Estación del Norte


    Trains first chugged into this richly adorned Modernista terminal in 1917. Its main foyer is decorated with ceramic mosaics and murals – and mosaic ‘bon…

  • Rice museum in Cullera, Valencia province, Spain.

    Museo de Arroz

    Valencia's Beaches

    This restored rice mill gives good background on the importance to the city of the grain, grown in the nearby Albufera, with a video (English subtitles)…

  • Beach of Valencia, Las Arenas, Spain

    Playa de las Arenas

    Valencia's Beaches

    Stretching north from the marina, this is the beginning of Valencia's beach, the closest to the centre and the focal point of seaside life. Backed by…

  • Museo de la Seda


    This visually elegant modern museum makes the most of its lovely location in the 15th-century (with baroque additions) palace that was the seat of the…

  • L’Iber

    Barrio del Carmen

    With more than 95,000 pieces on display and over a million in total, L’Iber, set in a historic palace, claims to be the world’s largest collection of toy…

  • Museo de Historia de Valencia

    Western Valencia

    This museum is very well presented and plots more than 2000 years of Valencia’s history. Each period is illustrated with a display case that makes the…

  • Museo Catedralicio Diocesano


    Newly reopened, this cathedral museum is a good-looking blend of the modern and venerable. There are some excellent religious paintings here; it's…

  • Museo Fallero

    L'Eixample & Southern Valencia

    At each Fallas festival, just one of the thousands of ninots, the figurines that pose at the base of each falla (huge statues of papier mâché and…

  • Museo de Etnología

    Barrio del Carmen

    This ethnographic display is very sleek and modern, a welcome relief after the overly didactic archaeological museum that shares the halls in the…

  • Almudín


    The 15th-century Almudín originally served as the city’s granary, storing wheat brought in from the surrounding countryside. Writing high up on the…

  • Mercat Municipal del Cabanyal

    Valencia's Beaches

    Sturdy old ladies brought up in the tough streets of the fishing barrio of Cabanyal jostle each other and suspiciously prod the vegetables in this vibrant…

  • Las Atarazanas del Grao

    Valencia's Beaches

    Originally constructed in the 14th century in Gothic style, these five parallel warehouses have been much altered over the years, but are still an…

  • Centro del Carmen

    Barrio del Carmen

    Behind the church on the landmark Plaza del Carmen, this centre occupies the handsome Gothic cloister and rooms of the monastery that once backed it. It's…

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