Jardines del Real


Reaching down to the riverbed are the Royal Gardens, a lovely spot for a stroll, with plenty of palms and orange trees as well as a small aviary. Once the grounds of a palace, they’re often called Los Viveros.

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1. Museo de Bellas Artes

0.14 MILES

Bright and spacious, this gallery ranks among Spain’s best. Highlights include a collection of magnificent late-medieval altarpieces, and works by several…

2. Monforte Gardens

0.23 MILES

These under-the-radar ornamental gardens designed in the mid-19th century are a peaceful spot to escape the city. Marble statues, sculpted hedges and a…

3. Palacio de los Borja

0.36 MILES

Built in the late 15th century as a residence for the Borja family, this imposing palace has late-Gothic and Renaissance features and now serves as…

4. Almudín

0.36 MILES

The 15th-century Almudín originally served as the city’s granary, storing wheat brought in from the surrounding countryside. Writing high up on the…

5. La Almoina

0.39 MILES

Beneath the square just east of Valencia’s cathedral, the archaeological remains of the kernel of Roman, Visigoth and Islamic Valencia shimmer through a…

6. Centro Cultural Bancaja

0.41 MILES

High-quality temporary art exhibitions, often featuring major international names, are the main offering at this bank-run centre, which also has other…

7. Baños del Almirante

0.42 MILES

These Arab-style baths, constructed in 1313, functioned continuously as public bathing facilities until 1959. It's worth dropping in if you're passing by…

8. Nuestra Señora de los Desamparados

0.42 MILES

The Real Basílica de Nuestra Señora de los Santos Inocentes Mártires y Desamparados, to name it fully, is Valencia's central spot for active Christianity…