Must-see shopping in Valencia

  • Street view of Madame Mim

    Madame Mim


    Many Valencians would say this is the city's best vintage shop, and we're always intrigued by what it has in stock. As well as clothes, there's a quirky…

  • Street view of Cestería El Globo with wicker products on display.

    Cestería El Globo


    In business since 1856, this charming shop features piles of traditional wickerwork – how about a basket for your bicycle? – plus rocking horses and other…

  • Linda Vuela a Rio

    L'Eixample & Southern Valencia

    A very elegant perfume shop specialising in boutique scents sourced from around the world. It's an enjoyably different experience away from the supermodel…

  • Abanicos Carbonell

    L'Eixample & Southern Valencia

    This historic fan-maker, in business since 1810, offers hand-painted manual cooling units ranging from a very reasonable €10 for the basic but pretty ones…

  • Sombreros Albero


    For any of your hat needs, head to this venerable concern near the Estación del Norte, run by the Albero family since 1820. Many are made by the family,…

  • Entrance to Bodegas Baviera.

    Bodegas Baviera


    This excellent wine shop has reasonably priced reds and whites from all over the country, as well as some interesting spirits, olive oils and sherries…

  • Corner view of Las Ollas de Hierro.

    Las Ollas de Hierro


    Valencia's oldest shop dates from the late 18th century and has an intriguing history and loads of character. Its souvenir cards, Las Fallas accessories…

  • Street view of Librería Patagonia.

    Librería Patagonia


    Excellent travel bookshop and travel agency with some guides in English and lots of Lonely Planet titles. There's a great selection of maps and hiking…

  • Lladró


    More than 50 years ago, three Lladró brothers produced the first of their famed porcelain sculptures. Nowadays, their factory on the city's northern…

  • Valencian beers for sale in La Boutique de la Cerveza.

    La Boutique de la Cerveza


    A welcome surprise in lager-dominant Spain, this beer-lover’s boutique sells hundreds of bottles from more than 30 countries, including a good range from…

  • Street view of Paranoid



    Design your own T-shirt in this excellent shop, which also has pre-printed ones to choose from. Its offbeat sideline is retro musical instruments, and…

  • Fountain inside Plaza Redonda with market stalls.

    Plaza Redonda


    This circular 19th-century space in the heart of town – once the abattoir of Valencia’s Mercado Central – is ringed by stalls. Though it feels a little…

  • Entrance of Turrones Ramos pasticceria.

    Turrones Ramos


    One of the Valencian region's most famous products is turrón, a sweet almond-based nougat that comes in soft or hard versions and is a traditional staple…

  • Entrance to Mercat de Russafa.

    Mercado de Russafa


    Forget Valencia's glorious Modernista markets for now. This concrete brutalist monster plunked down in the middle of Russafa, but cheered up by brightly…

  • Street view of Librería Bartleby

    Librería Bartleby


    Bright and cheerful, Bartleby specialises in comics, but also has an interesting selection of other books. It also sells wine, and you can sip a glass of…

  • La Casa de los Falleros


    Here’s the place to buy a traditional fallera dress or accessories (for Las Fallas), or simply see roll upon roll of embroidered, sequined cloth and racks…

  • Alex-Vidal

    L'Eixample & Southern Valencia

    The son of a famous Valencian designer (both are called Alex Vidal) has recently opened this boutique in his own right. Approachable high fashion for…

  • 100% Pirata

    Western Valencia

    It has a store in the centre, but we prefer this, the original shop, in the western part of the city. The range of breezy women's clothing shows plenty of…

  • Trufas Martínez

    L'Eixample & Southern Valencia

    The aromas are mouthwatering in this unassuming shop, where 80 years' worth of experience has resulted in chocolate truffle perfection, as well as…

  • Madame Bugalú


    Madame Bugalú and her killer poodle, to give it its full name. Stylish and fairly pricey by Spanish standards, it offers women's clothing, bags, earrings…

  • Mercado de Mossén Sorell

    Barrio del Carmen

    This petite and luminous market occupies an interesting part of the Barrio del Carmen. A facelift has left it looking lovely, and it's a great destination…

  • Kowalski Bellas Artes


    This romantic treasure trove of a shop celebrates art – indeed the owner is an artist and is often drawing or painting in the shop. Paints, books, vinyls,…

  • Pángala

    Barrio del Carmen

    This lovely shop does a great line in 'slow bags' that are made by hand in a relaxed manner. They are all unique and there are other items such as storage…

  • Trendy Room


    With a genial boss, this little boutique has a small, carefully selected range of sneakers, bags, bow-ties and other curiosities. It's happy to order…

  • Oxfam Intermón


    Oxfam's flagship shops in Spain are a long way from the charity-shop aesthetic. This is one of the best, featuring stylish clothing from sustainable…

  • La Señora Henderson


    Running between two streets, this is a little treasure trove of vintage clothing and accessories that always seems to have something intriguing in stock…

  • Valencia Club de Fútbol Megastore


    Right on Plaza del Ayuntamiento, this sizeable shop offers souvenirs, scarves, woolly hats and many a memento more for the city’s major football club…

  • Envinarte


    It's an unusual scene here: racks of high-quality menswear tucked among a small but well-selected and beautifully displayed range of Spanish and…

  • Vinyl Eye

    Western Valencia

    This very cool shop has a range of T-shirts and prints with original designs inspired by rock bands and other musical influences. There are occasional…

  • Chic Gallery

    Barrio del Carmen

    This interesting space in a historic building has a handful of small stalls selling enticing arrays of clothing, including some vintage gear, and…

  • Place

    L'Eixample & Southern Valencia

    With several stallholders in one communal space, Place offers a bit of everything, from unique small-designer pieces to vintage clothing and creative…

  • Pannonica

    Barrio del Carmen

    A quirky and intriguing shop selling vintage objects and furniture and other curiosities. It's a pleasurable, friendly trap for anyone with a hipster bent.

  • Álvaro Moliner


    Drop into this venerable, courteous shop to admire the fabulous colours and designs used to create traditional valenciana outfits for the Fallas.

  • Galería 4


    This attractive little gallery and framing shop makes for a pleasant browse and is a good spot to pick up a piece of Valencian modern art.

  • Devil Records


    This central, well-established little music shop deals mostly in new and used vinyl, with rock predominant. A great spot for a browse.

  • Kauf Vintage


    An excellent selection of vintage clothing marks this out as a key Russafa port of call. You can order online as well.

  • Decoration in the colorful square of the market of the Tapineria, center of the city of Valencia, where the tourists stop to rest and taste the typical Mediterranean meals, seen from below.

    Mercado de Tapineria


    Pedestrianised Mercado de Tapineria hosts regularly changing pop-up stores, from lighting to vintage clothing, in three industrial-chic 'ephemeral stores'…

  • Street view of Flamingos Vintage Kilo

    Flamingos Vintage Kilo


    This successful Barcelona franchise opened in Valencia in 2017. It stocks mostly North American vintage clothing, which it sells by weight. There are…

  • Street view of D Tes tea shop.

    D Tes


    A range of really beautiful teapots and an intriguing selection of teas and other infusions is the stock-in-trade of this atmospheric shop. The aromas…

  • Range of gifts available at Gnomo



    An original Russafa gift shop displaying a wide range of contemporarily styled objects. It's the perfect place to pick up an unusual gift to take back for…

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