Museo Los Sonidos de la Tierra

Castilla y León

This engaging museum showcases musical instruments, such as drums and lutes, from the region and from around the world.

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1. Basílica de San Sebastián

0.07 MILES

Notable for its pleasingly unadorned Romanesque sanctuary dominated by a multidomed ceiling, this is where you can hear the monks chant vespers six times…

2. Abadía de Santo Domingo de Silos


The cloister and museum of this revered monastery is a two-storey treasure chest of some of Spain's most imaginative Romanesque art. The overall effect is…

3. Desfiladero de Yecla

1.51 MILES

A mere 1.3km down the back road (BU911) to Caleruega from Santo Domingo de Silos, the spectacular Desfiladero de Yecla, a splendid gorge of limestone…

4. Monasterio de San Pedro de Arlanza

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These haunting ruins on a rise above the Río Arlanza show traces of both Gothic and Romanesque elements but the sense of elegant abandonment is what…

5. Colegiata de San Cosme y Damián

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This evocative 15th-century Gothic church is home to Spain's oldest still-functioning church organ, and has a gloriously ostentatious altar, fronted by…

6. Torreón de Doña Urraca

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This squat 10th-century tower dominates the remains of the town's medieval walls. It's especially pretty as a backdrop to the river from outside the walls…

7. Ermita de Santa María de Lara

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If you take the N234 southeast of Burgos, a worthwhile stop some 35km out is the 7th-century Ermita de Santa María de Lara, close to Quintanilla de las…

8. Pasadizo del Duque de Lerma

17.85 MILES

The Pasadizo de Duque de Lerma is a restored 17th-century subterranean passage that connects the Palacio Ducal with the Iglesia Colegial de San Pedro…