Castillo de Pedraza

Castilla y León

At the far (northwestern) end of town – go any further and you'll fall into the valley – stands the lonely Castillo de Pedraza, unusual for its intact outer wall. Begun in the 13th century, it sits atop far older fortifications.

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1. Plaza Mayor

0.19 MILES

The evocative 14th-century Plaza Mayor is noteworthy for its ancient columned arcades. There are so many fine angles to get the perfect photo, but only…

2. Turégano

10.12 MILES

Turégano, about 30km north of Segovia, is dominated by a unique 15th-century castle-church complex built by the then archbishop of Segovia, Juan Arias…

3. Museo Picasso

13.36 MILES

The small Picasso Museum contains a few works that the artist gave to his barber, Eugenio Arias.

4. Ermita de San Frutos

13.68 MILES

In ruins now, this hermitage was founded in the 7th century by San Frutos and his siblings, San Valentín and Santa Engracia. They lie buried in a tiny…

5. La Granja de San Ildefonso

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This palace was originally built for the Bourbon King Felipe V, who chose this site in the foothills of the Sierra de Guadarrama to recreate his own…

6. Convento de San Antonio El Real

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About 1.3km southeast of the aqueduct, this was once the summer residence of Enrique IV. The Gothic-Mudéjar church has a splendid ceiling. It's still a…

7. Acueducto

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Segovia's most recognisable symbol is El Acueducto (Roman Aqueduct), an 894m-long engineering wonder that looks like an enormous comb plunged into Segovia…

8. Monasterio de Santa María del Parral

20.37 MILES

Ring the bell to see part of the cloister and church; the latter is a proud, flamboyant Gothic structure. The monks chant a Gregorian Mass at noon on…