Roman mosaic

Castilla y León

The only Roman mosaic in Medinaceli to remain in situ is found under glass on Plaza San Pedro.

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1. Colegiata de Santa María

0.11 MILES

This pretty Gothic church was built in 1561 on the site of what may have been a synagogue or mosque. The 17th-century late-Gothic tower is visible from…

2. Puerta Árabe

0.12 MILES

Although modified down through the centuries, this gate on the west side of the village first served as one of four entrances to the settlement in Roman…

3. Plaza Mayor

0.14 MILES

The partly colonnaded Plaza Mayor is a lovely centrepiece to the village and one of Castilla y León's prettiest village squares. The oldest remaining…

4. Palacio Ducal

0.14 MILES

This largely 17th-century palace overlooks the Plaza Mayor, and hosts regular high-quality exhibitions of contemporary art in rooms arrayed around the…

5. Arco Romano

0.15 MILES

Watching over the entrance to the town and visible on the approach, Medinaceli's 1st-century-CE Arco Romano (Roman triumphal arch) is one of the best…

6. Aula Arqueológica

0.15 MILES

This small exhibition space on the northern side of the Plaza Mayor has an interesting, 10-minute video journey (in Spanish) through Medinaceli's past…

7. Catedral de Santa María de Sigüenza

12.85 MILES

Rising up from the heart of the old town is the city’s centuries-in-the-making masterpiece – the Cathedral of Santa María. Begun as a Romanesque structure…

8. Museo Diocesano de Arte

12.87 MILES

Across the square from the cathedral, this well-presented museum houses a mediocre collection of religious art from Sigüenza and the surrounding area. Its…