Calle Calderería Nueva


Linking the upper and lower parts of the Albayzín, Calle Calderería Nueva is a narrow street famous for its teterías (teahouses). It's also a good place to shop for slippers, hookahs, jewellery and North African pottery from an eclectic cache of shops redolent of a Moroccan souk.

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1. Archivo-Museo San Juan de Dios


This small museum occupies the aristocratic Casa de los Pisa where Granada's resident saint, San Juan Robles (San Juan de Díos), died in 1550. The house…

2. Plaza de Santa Ana

0.13 MILES

Plaza Nueva extends northeast into Plaza de Santa Ana, overlooked by the Iglesia de Santa Ana and its distinctive bell tower.

3. Iglesia de Santa Ana

0.13 MILES

Off the eastern corner of Plaza Nueva, Plaza Santa Ana is dominated by this 16th-century Mudéjar church whose bell tower incorporates the minaret of the…

4. Palacio de la Madraza

0.14 MILES

Easily recognisable by the trompe l'oeil on its facade, La Madraza was founded in 1349 by Yusuf I as a school and university – and still belongs to…

5. Capilla Real

0.15 MILES

The Royal Chapel is the last resting place of Spain’s Reyes Católicos (Catholic Monarchs), Isabel I de Castilla (1451–1504) and Fernando II de Aragón …

6. Centro José Guerrero

0.16 MILES

An exhibition space and gallery named after the Granada-born abstract painter (1914–91) who went to live in the US. Exhibitions are temporary and with a…

7. Catedral de Granada

0.17 MILES

From street level it’s difficult to appreciate the immensity of Granada’s cavernous, boxed-in cathedral. But it’s nonetheless a monumental work of…

8. Iglesia de San Miguel Bajo

0.19 MILES

One of the Albayzín's loveliest churches, overlooking a snug cafe-dotted plaza, the whitewashed Mudéjar San Miguel Bajo church was built atop an old…