Windmill Ticket Office

Castilla-La Mancha

Poyatos, one of the 10 windmills on the northern edge of town, acts as a ticket office for visits to three other mills. Guided tours are also available.

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1. Museo Eloy Teno

0.02 MILES

This small family-friendly museum in the tourist office displays local artisan products, models of windmills and clever art – often Don Quijote–themed –…

2. Museo Municipal 'El Pósito'

0.41 MILES

This small museum set in an old agricultural store in the centre of town is usually given over to temporary exhibitions. Local art and sculpture…

3. Bodega Campos de Dulcinea

9.59 MILES

One of the longest-standing wineries in town, the appropriately named Campos de Dulcinea has won numerous awards over the years; the tempranillo is a good…

4. Museo Cervantino

9.82 MILES

This museum of over 700 books all with the same title (you’ve guessed it – Don Quijote) is more interesting than it sounds. Included among its well laid…

5. Casa-Museo de Dulcinea

9.82 MILES

Since she was a fictional heroine and largely a figment of Don Quijote’s imagination, this museum is obviously not the real house of the famous Dulcinea…

7. Castillo de Belmonte

24.93 MILES

This is how castles should look, with turrets, largely intact walls and a commanding position over the plains of La Mancha from the ramparts. Visitors are…

8. Molino Rucio

26.14 MILES

Of the 12 windmills that line a grassy ridge either side of Consuegra’s castle, Molino Rucio is the only one in full working order. Inside there are…