Finca Pública de Son Real

Northern Mallorca

Much of the area between the coast and the Ma12 has been converted into the Finca Pública de Son Real. Its main entrance is just south of the Km 18 milestone on the Ma12, and the former farm buildings host an information office for those who wish to walk the property's several coastal trails. There's also a museum zooming in on traditional Mallorcan rural life.

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1. Es Figueral de Son Real

0.32 MILES

From the Finca Pública de Son Real, one trail leads through a largely abandoned fig plantation to the overgrown Talayotic ruins of Es Figueral de Son Real…

2. Illot dels Porros

1.12 MILES

Not far from Necròpolis de Son Real, the island called Illot dels Porros also contains remains of an ancient necropolis. It's a fairly easy swim for the…

3. Necròpolis de Son Real

1.22 MILES

By the sea about 10 minutes' walk southeast of Platja de Son Bauló, this necropolis appears to have been a Talayotic cemetery with 110 tombs (in which the…

4. Platja de Sa Canova

3.26 MILES

On the southeast edge of Son Serra de Marina starts the long Platja de Sa Canova, a 2km stretch of quiet beach, backed by dunes and pine trees, which…

5. Platja de la Colònia de Sant Pere

4.73 MILES

On the shady Passeig del Mar, the sandy, protected and diminutive Platja de la Colònia de Sant Pere runs for a short distance, with swimmers bobbing about…

6. Platja de Muro

6.02 MILES

Around 5km south of Port d'Alcúdia (on the bus line to Ca'n Picafort), Platja de Muro is a long, alluring stretch of sand, with extensive blue views of…

7. Parc Natural de S’Albufera

6.39 MILES

The 688-hectare Parc Natural de S’Albufera, west of the Ma12 between Port d’Alcúdia and Ca’n Picafort, is prime birdwatching territory, with 303 recorded…

8. Ermita de Betlem

6.55 MILES

Founded in 1805, Ermita de Betlem is still home to hermits who live a life of seclusion and self-sufficiency. The alluring views over country and wind…