Platja de Muro

Top choice in Northern Mallorca

Around 5km south of Port d'Alcúdia (on the bus line to Ca'n Picafort), Platja de Muro is a long, alluring stretch of sand, with extensive blue views of the Badia d'Alcúdia. The setting, with pale, soft sand backed by pines and the dunes of the Parc Natural de S'Albufera, is a winner. The water is shallow and azure, but crowds can get intense in summer. The beach is named after the delightful hilltop town of Muro, around 8km off to the west.

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1. Parc Natural de S’Albufera

0.55 MILES

The 688-hectare Parc Natural de S’Albufera, west of the Ma12 between Port d’Alcúdia and Ca’n Picafort, is prime birdwatching territory, with 303 recorded…

2. Cova de Sant Martí

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An otherworldly religious shrine and grotto in a 20m-deep hollow, Cova de Sant Martí dates back to the 13th century. Find it at the foot of Puig de Sant…

3. Hidropark

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4. Pol·lèntia

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Ranging over a sizeable (but walkable) area, the fascinating ruins of the Roman town of Pol·lèntia lie just outside Alcúdia's walls. Founded around 70 BCE…

5. Museu de Sant Jaume

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This museum, housed in the large eponymous Gothic church, contains a collection of priestly vestments, paintings and religious items.

6. Museu Monogràfic de Pol·lèntia

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This one-room museum has a fascinating but limited collection of statue fragments, coins, jewellery, household figurines of divinities, scale models of…

7. Ca’n Domènech

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One of Alcúdia's finest, this large, grand and noble building has a largely unadorned facade.