Centre del Romànic de la Vall de Boí

The Catalan Pyrenees

Kick-start your architectural odyssey around the Vall de Boí's exquisite Catalan Romanesque churches with a visit to this multimedia interpretation centre. It houses a small art collection, details local history, organises guided church tours, and sells combined tickets (three churches €7).

Erill la Vall is a 2.5km walk or drive west of Boí.

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1. Santa Eulàlia d'Erill la Vall

0.02 MILES

The slender six-storey, 12th-century tower of Santa Eulàlia d'Erill la Vall, a 2.5km walk or drive west of Boí, once used for communications and valley…

2. Sant Joan de Boí

0.44 MILES

Boí's 11th-century church gives the village an air of romance with its angular five-storey stone bell tower, which was restored after a major 13th-century…

3. Santa Maria de Taüll

1.13 MILES

Up in Taüll's old centre, at the northwestern end of town, the 12th-century Romanesque Santa Maria church is crowned by a five-storey tower. As with many…

4. Sant Climent de Taüll

1.28 MILES

On Taüll's fringes, this 12th-century Romanesque church is a gem not only for its elegant, simple lines and slender six-storey bell tower (which you can…

5. Esglèsia de Santa Maria

12.18 MILES

This 12th- to 13th-century Romanesque church, with its three-storey belfry and triple apse, stands proudly in the midst of Arties' flower-festooned houses.

6. Glèisa de Sant Miquèu

12.3 MILES

The black-roofed spire of Gothic Sant Miquèu church dominates Vielha's skyline. Its architectural styles span six centuries, including a 12th-century font…

7. Musèu dera Val D’Aran

12.3 MILES

Occupying a turreted, sparklingly refurbished old mansion, this interactive museum tells the tale of the Val d'Aran's history, from the first Bronze Age…

8. PyrenMuseu

13.13 MILES

The Refugi Rosta houses the entertaining private PyrenMuseu, which covers the history of tourism in Val d’Aran. Enter via the base of the old stone…