Castillo de la Mota

Parte Vieja

At the summit of Monte Urgull, this stone fortress is but the latest incarnation of many fortifications that have existed here since the 12th century. It's well worth huffing your way to the top for the impressive views and the intriguing exhibitions of the Casa de la Historia, located inside the castle walls.

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1. Casa de la Historia

Inside the grounds of the Castillo de la Mota is this small museum focusing on the city’s history. It has audiovisual exhibits that touch on San Sebastián…

2. Monte Urgull

0.06 MILES

You can walk to the summit of Monte Urgull (123m), topped by the low castle walls of the Castillo de la Mota and a grand statue of Christ, by taking a…

3. Museo Marítimo Vasco

0.15 MILES

This museum turns the pages of Basque seafaring and naval history. There is no permanent collection, just long-term exhibitions, which in the past have…

4. Basílica de Santa María del Coro

0.16 MILES

The Parte Vieja's most photogenic building is this baroque basilica, completed in 1774. Its ornate facade depicts St Sebastian and the altarpiece is…

5. Aquarium


Fear for your life as huge sharks bear down behind glass panes, or gaze at otherworldly jellyfish. The highlights of a visit to the city's excellent…

6. Construcción Vacía

0.21 MILES

At the base of Monte Urgull is Jorge Oteiza’s Construcción Vacía (Empty Space) sculpture. Oteiza (1908–2003) was a renowned painter, sculptor and writer…

7. San Telmo Museoa

0.23 MILES

One of the best museums in the Basque Country, the San Telmo Museoa has a thought-provoking collection that explores Basque history and culture in all its…

8. Plaza de la Constitución

0.25 MILES

One of the Basque Country's most attractive city squares, the Plaza de la Constitución was built in 1813 at the heart of the old town on the site of an…