Rialia Museo de la Industría

Biscay Province

Learn about Portugalete's industrial history at this small waterfront museum. Displays, which include paintings, models and machinery parts, chart the town's development and the effect early industrialisation had on the area's landscape and social make-up. Best of all are the short films showing fiery industrial action – smelting, welding, molten flows – backed by dramatic musical arrangements.

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1. Basílica de Santa María

0.17 MILES

Portugalete's impressive basilica (1580) stands atop an earlier 14th-century church that originally marked the town's highest point. A striking structure,…

2. Torre de Salazar

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3. Plaza del Solar

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At the foot of Portugalete's medieval centre, this cobbled square makes for a fine photo with its handsome 19th-century buildings and august monument to…

4. Puente Colgante

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5. Paseo de las Grandes Villas

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8. Galerías de Punta Begoña

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This massive stone structure was built in 1919 as a continuation of Getxo's defensive wall. It's an impressive sight, complete with columns and a…