El Reloj Animado

Basque Country

Atop the town hall on the main plaza, Laguardia's intriguing clockface draws onlookers at various times of the day. At noon, 1pm, 2pm, 5pm, 8pm and 10pm, the tolling of the hour is accompanied by dancing figures in traditional Basque costume. Go a bit early, as the clock isn't always precise.

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1. Bodega El Fabulista

0.04 MILES

Tours of this traditional winery's medieval cellars, 7m below the Laguardia's historic heart, finish with a tasting of two of the bodega's wines. Reserve…

2. Iglesia de Santa María de los Reyes

0.13 MILES

The impressive Iglesia de Santa María de los Reyes has a breathtaking late-14th-century Gothic doorway, adorned with beautiful sculptures of the disciples…

3. Torre Abacial

0.15 MILES

For a splendid view over town and the vineyards beyond, climb the 100-plus steps of the 'Abbot's Tower' – so named as it was once part of a monastery…

4. Bodegas Palacio

0.34 MILES

Bodegas Palacio, just 800m south of Laguardia, arranges tours and tastings by appointment. Check the website for details of its wine courses (from €35 for…

5. Bodegas Casa Primicia

0.37 MILES

Laguardia's oldest winery is 500m north of the historic centre. On a 75-minute tour through this atmospheric 16th-century building, knowledgeable guides…

7. Bodegas Ysios

1.11 MILES

Located 2km north of Laguardia, the 2001-opened Bodegas Ysios was designed by Santiago Calatrava as a ‘temple dedicated to wine’. It features an aluminium…

8. Museo de la Rioja


Housed in a lovely 18th-century baroque building, this superb museum takes you on a wild romp through Riojan history and culture in both Spanish and…