Barceloneta Beach with Frank Gehry's Fish sculpture in the background

Platja de la Barceloneta


Just east of its namesake neighbourhood, Barceloneta's main beach is a golden-brown strip of sand where, during warm months, pool-party promoters, mojito vendors and sarong sellers mingle with masses of sun-loving visitors and barcelonins. It's an iconic Barcelona spot, but can feel like a bit of a circus – perhaps better enjoyed very first thing or over a sunset stroll.

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1. Passeig Marítim de la Barceloneta

0.13 MILES

On Barceloneta's seaward side are the first of Barcelona's beaches, which get packed in summer. The broad 1.25km promenade from Barceloneta to the Port…

2. Fàbrica del Sol

0.16 MILES

A relic from the industrial era, this striking Modernista building with its red brick and yellow details today houses an environmental education centre,…

3. L'Estel Ferit

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German artist Rebecca Horn's elegant The Wounded Shooting Star sculpture was commissioned for the 1992 Olympics and commemorates the old-fashioned shacks…

4. Església de Sant Miquel del Port

0.26 MILES

Dating from 1755, this sober baroque church was the first building completed in Barceloneta. Built low so that the cannon in the then Ciutadella fort…

5. Casa de la Barceloneta

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Devoted to the history and culture of the barri (with displays in Catalan), this tiny cultural centre occupies a brick-walled 1761 building that's a prime…

6. Edifici de Gas Natural

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The work of Enric Miralles, completed in 2005, this shimmering glass waterfront office tower is only 86m (20 storeys) high, but remains extraordinary for…

7. Palau de Mar

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Looming over the waterfront, this huge brick edifice was built in the 1880s as a storage depot for goods arriving from the port. Revitalised in the city's…

8. Platja de Sant Miquel

0.39 MILES

Taking its name from the 18th-century church in nearby Barceloneta, this stretch of soft honey-gold sand fills with beachgoers when warm days arrive…