Balcón de Europa


Located in the heart of town, the fabulous balcón juts out like a natural pier, forming a beautiful palm-lined terrace with panoramic views of the sea. The only downside is that it's perennially crowded.

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Nearby Nerja attractions

1. Playa Calahonda

0.05 MILES

This small, pretty cove is just east of the Balcón de Europa. You can rent sunbeds and parasols here, though it does get busy at the height of summer,…

2. Museo de Nerja


Nerja’s museum traces the history of the town from the cave dwellers of Paleolithic times to the tourist-boom years of the ’60s, and is well worth a…

3. Playa Burriana

0.48 MILES

This is Nerja’s longest and best beach, with plenty of towel space on the sand. From Balcón de Europa, walk east down bleached white Calle Carabeo and…

4. Cueva de Nerja

2.05 MILES

It’s hard to imagine the surreal world that lies beneath the mountain foothills 4km east of Nerja, and it’s even harder to believe that these vast caverns…

5. Playa del Cañuelo

4.75 MILES

East of Nerja the coast becomes more rugged; with your own wheels you can head to some great beaches reached by tracks down from the A7. Playa del Cañuelo…

6. Playa de Cantarriján

5.51 MILES

Hemmed in by rocky cliffs and the glittering Mediterranean, gorgeous grey-pebble Cantarriján is one of Andalucía's original and favourite nudist beaches…

7. Museo de Artes y Costumbres


This village museum crams a lot into its diminutive interior, from local bee-keeping and winemaking equipment to a mock-up of an old blacksmith's forge…

8. Playa de San Cristóbal

9.88 MILES

Almuñécar's western and best beach is a pretty grey-pebble strip framed by green headlands and dotted with seafood chiringuitos that catches the sun well…