Must-see attractions in Itaewon & Yongsan-gu

  • Leeum Samsung Museum of Art, Seoul, South Korea, Asia

    Leeum Samsung Museum of Art

    Itaewon & Yongsan-gu

    Amid the celebrity-owned apartments on the leafy southern slope of Namsan is Korea's premier art gallery. Beautifully designed and laid-out, it balances…

  • National Museum of Korea at night

    National Museum of Korea

    Itaewon & Yongsan-gu

    This vast and imposing concrete slab of a museum takes visitors on a fascinating journey through Korea's past from prehistory all the way to the Korean…

  • Detail of ROK Airforce plane outside War Memorial and Museum, north of river.

    War Memorial of Korea

    Itaewon & Yongsan-gu

    This huge museum documents the history of the Korean War (1950–53) using multimedia exhibits and black-and-white documentary footage, along with artefacts…

  • Stairway Flea Market

    Itaewon & Yongsan-gu

    Held on the last Saturday of each month, this market attracts hundreds of shoppers to Usadan-ro on top of Itaewon Hill, where local artists sell their…

  • National Hangeul Museum

    Itaewon & Yongsan-gu

    Give your Korean-language skills a brush up with this museum dedicated to hangeul, the much-lauded Korean alphabet and writing system created in the 15th…

  • Seoul Central Mosque

    Itaewon & Yongsan-gu

    Its twin minarets rising tall and resplendent over 'Halal Hill', Seoul's impressive mosque, which opened in 1976, caters primarily to the Arabic, Asian…

  • Itaewon Bugundang History Park

    Itaewon Bugundang History Park

    Itaewon & Yongsan-gu

    Even longtime residents of Itaewon might be surprised if you tell them that it is indeed possible to find historical relics in the heart of the…