This small, craggy island, a favourite destination for locals, is covered in bamboo groves and camellia trees. Walking paths wend round the island in about half an hour. Take the lift up to the lighthouse observatory (9.30am to 5.30pm) for the best harbour views. The island is joined to the mainland by a 750m causeway that can be traversed by a road train (adult/child ₩800/500; every 20 minutes; 9am to 5.30pm).

Buses stop at the causeway entrance; otherwise it’s a pleasant 30-minute walk along the coast from Jungang-dong Rotary.

Lonely Planet's must-see attractions

Nearby Jeollanam-do attractions

1. Expo 2012 Yeosu Korea Memorial Hall

0.93 MILES

Originally the Korea Pavilion for Yeosu's 2012 World's Fair International Exposition, this museum showcases the latest in Korean maritime technology, such…

2. Jinnamgwan

1.75 MILES

In the centre of town stands this national treasure, Korea’s largest single-storey wooden structure (75m long and 14m high). The beautiful pavilion, first…

3. Fish Market

2.07 MILES

Like any port town worth its salt, Yeosu has a bustling fish market.

4. Hyangir-am

10.79 MILES

A Buddhist hermitage with a 1350-year heritage, Hyangir-am has an enviable location perched halfway up a mountain at the tip of Dolsando, an island…

5. Bori-am

12.3 MILES

Between Namhae-gun and Sangju beach, Bori-am is a busy Buddhist hermitage on Geum-san (금산; Geum Mountain, 681m) famous for brilliant sunrises and…

6. Sangju

12.79 MILES

For most of the year this pretty beach with 2km of soft white sand and shallow water is a quiet destination. During summer it's packed with fun-seeking…

7. German Village

16.01 MILES

Here's a destination people visit because it's popular, not because it's interesting. Local marketing bumf calls it one of the island's best sites, but…

8. Mijo

16.1 MILES

This rustic fishing village is an ideal roadside diversion. Walk along the port, zigzag through narrow alleys and sample superb rural food. It's a short…