There is a terrific view of the northern coastline from Hyangmok Lighthouse (향목 등대) in the northwest corner of the island, about 20km from Dodong-ri. To get there you take a monorail on a five-minute, 304m ride up a sharp cliff (39° angle). You will be dropped off at the base of a 500m trail leading up to the lighthouse.

Buses to Taeha-ri leave the Dodong-ri terminal (₩1700, 40 minutes, every 40 minutes).

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Nearby Gyeongsangbuk-do attractions

1. Namyang-Dong

4.36 MILES

The coastal road from Dodong-ri to Taeha-ri leads through Namyang, a tiny seaside community with spectacular cliffs covered with Chinese juniper and odd…

2. Bongnae Pokpo

4.96 MILES

A steep 1.5km walk from Jeodong-ri is Bongnae Pokpo. Source of the island’s drinking water, the waterfall is quite spectacular during summer.

3. Daewon-sa

6.06 MILES

This small temple might be simple, but being walking distance from Dodong-ri makes it a good resting spot for a stroll.

4. Sunset Point Pavilion

6.16 MILES

Sunset Point Pavilion is a steep 15-minute walk above Dodong-ri, commanding great views of the ocean and the sunset. To get there, follow the western…

5. Mineral Spring Park

6.25 MILES

The highlight of this park, a 350m climb above Dodong-ri, is the cable car across a steep valley to Manghyang-bong (316m). The ride up affords stunning…

6. Dodong-ri


Dodong-ri is the island’s main tourist hub, meaning the greatest selection of lodging and dining options. Behind the ferry terminal, a spiral staircase…

7. Jeodong-ri

6.47 MILES

Jeodong-ri is a fishing village with picturesque sea walls, fishing nets, and seagulls. The boats with the lamps strung around like oversize holiday…