The reason to come to this pine grove is to start a hike up Nam-san. On your way up, you may pass the tumuli of three Silla kings. Another tomb, located away from the others, is said to contain King Gyeongae, who was killed when robbers raided Poseokjeongji during an elaborate banquet, setting the stage for the dynasty’s collapse.

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Nearby Gyeongju attractions

2. Badukbawi

0.91 MILES

Stand on this rock formation for broad views of the valley that you won't get from the higher peaks.

3. Sangsabawi

1.15 MILES

Sangsabawi resembles a mere rock but is permeated with a morbid legend telling of an older man who, suffering from unrequited love for a village girl,…

4. Yongjangsaji

1.46 MILES

At this temple you can view a seated Buddha image carved in stone and a three-storey stone pagoda.

5. Sangseon-am Hermitage

1.61 MILES

At this hermitage you’ll find lovely views across the valley and maybe a monk chanting.

6. Ongnyong-am

1.67 MILES

In the upper corner of this hermitage are boulders covered with Korea’s greatest collection of relief carvings. The 24 different representations of Buddha…

7. Tapgol

1.75 MILES

Known as Pagoda Valley, but the biggest draw of Tapgol is the hermitage Ongnyong-am and its Buddha carvings.

8. Bori-sa

1.86 MILES

This beautifully reconstructed nunnery is set amid old-growth trees.