Freedom Charter Monument


This brick tower right on Walter Sisulu Sq symbolises freedom and democracy. It's built where the Freedom Charter was adopted by the Congress of the People in 1955 and is made from bricks from destroyed Sophiatown.

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1. Walter Sisulu Square of Dedication

0.03 MILES

Located in Kliptown, the oldest settlement in Soweto to accommodate all races, the Walter Sisulu Sq of Dedication is the site where the Freedom Charter…

2. Kliptown

0.17 MILES

Established in 1891 and found southwest of Orlando West, Kliptown is Soweto's oldest settlement. Informal settlements (shacks) for black families started…

3. Regina Mundi Church

1.14 MILES

South Africa's largest Catholic church, with a capacity of 5000, was an important meeting point during the apartheid years. It's a calm and impressive…

4. Avalon Cemetery

1.97 MILES

A place associated with the country's history, in this cemetery you’ll find the graves of Joe Slovo (plot B35311; the former leader of the South African…

5. June 16 Memorial Acre

2.45 MILES

Opposite one of the schools from which students marched on 16 June 1976 is this stunning open-air memorial to the bloody events that presaged the Soweto…

6. Home of Archbishop Desmond Tutu

2.96 MILES

Close to the Mandela House Museum is the home of Archbishop Desmond Tutu. A plaque marks the location but the house is not open to visitors.

7. Mandela House Museum

2.97 MILES

Nelson Mandela lived with his first wife, Evelyn, and later with his second wife, Winnie, in this four-room house, just off Vilakazi St. The museum…

8. Hector Pieterson Museum

3.17 MILES

This powerful museum, named after the 12-year-old boy shot dead during the student protests in Soweto on 16 June 1976, illuminates the role of Sowetan…