St Peter's Church

Drakensberg Escarpment

This pretty church was built in 1913.

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Nearby Drakensberg Escarpment attractions

1. Komatiland Forestry Museum

0.17 MILES

This museum has displays on local forests and the history of the South African timber industry. There's a historical examination of the use of timber and…

2. Graskop Gorge Lift

11.3 MILES

This glass viewing elevator travels 51m down the sheer cliffs of Graskop Gorge, with views of the Big Swing opposite, to an elevated forest boardwalk,…

3. Diggings Museum

13.17 MILES

Just southeast of town along the Graskop road is the open-air Diggings Museum, where you can see how gold was panned. You need to visit on a tour, which…

4. Pilgrim's & Sabie News Museum

13.48 MILES

This museum explores the history of printing in the town and has a collection of old presses. A section covers the impact of the Anglo-Boer War, WWI and…

5. Central Garage Transport Museum

13.49 MILES

Great for classic-car enthusiasts, this museum illustrates the development of transport in Pilgrim's Rest from 19th-century ox wagons to Ford, Bedford and…

6. Victorian House Museum

13.53 MILES

This restored Victorian home is full of B&W photos, old dolls and furniture, including a wooden carved commode in the main bedroom.

7. Dredzen Store

13.56 MILES

The Dredzen Store is a general store recreated as it would have been in 1930s, complete with vintage advertisements and chairs hanging from the ceiling.

8. Thelwall's Museum

13.61 MILES

This former fruit shop dating to 1946 has interpretive panels on the local gold rush and conflicts.