St Paul’s Church


On the eastern side of the main post office you’ll find a square with an old vicarage and the 1909 St Paul’s Church.

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Nearby Durban attractions

1. Church Square

On the eastern side of the main post office on Dr Pixley KaSeme St (West St) is Church Sq, with its old vicarage and the 1909 St Paul’s Church.

2. Natural Science Museum

0.09 MILES

This museum at City Hall boasts an impressive, if pleasantly retro, display of stuffed birds and insects, plus African animals. Check out the cockroach…

3. City Hall


Dominating the city centre is the opulent 1910 Edwardian neo-baroque City Hall. In front of the hall is Francis Farewell Square.

4. Francis Farewell Square


This palm-lined square outside City Hall is named after the founder of the Port Natal colony and is where Fynn and Farewell made their camp in 1824.

5. Art Gallery

0.12 MILES

Under City Hall's impressive dome is this gallery with a small but interesting collection of South African artworks, including paintings, mixed media and…

6. Old Courthouse Museum

0.14 MILES

Found in the beautiful 1866 courthouse behind City Hall, this museum offers a worthwhile insight into the highs and lows of colonial living. There's also…

7. Dick King Statue


A statue commemorating Dick King (Richard Philip King), who brought reinforcements during the 1842 siege of Durban.

8. KwaMuhle Museum

0.32 MILES

This was formerly the Native Administration headquarters, where Durban’s colonial authorities formulated the structures of urban racial segregation (the …